About us

   The Gas Meter Calibration Laboratory (LWG) is the first laboratory in Poland and in this part of Europe to calibrate gas meters with natural gas under operating pressure. The LWG reference metres refer to the European standard – the harmonized European gas cubic meter for natural gas established by Eurega Consportium.
Our gas meter calibration station is an innovative solution on a world scale offering the possibility of operating in two modes: open loop (gas is taken from the network, the flow is generated by the gas compressor station and controlled by a dedicated regulating system) and closed loop (the flow is forced by a dedicated blower).
The primary objective of the Laboratory is to ensure appropriate metrological supervision over gas meters within GAZ-SYSTEM as well as on the national and regional scale. The services are provided with the use of high-quality measuring and testing equipment. The Laboratory provides accurate, reliable and useful calibration results while ensuring that the confidentiality of information and proprietary rights of its clients are fully protected.

GAS METER CALIBRATION LABORATORY (LWG) - Installation of gas meter

Support from the UE


The construction of the Gas Meter Calibration Laboratory was carried out under the co-financing agreement No. UDA-POIG.01.04.00-14-086/09-00 UDA-POIG.04.01.00-14-086/09-00 for Measure 1.4 “Support for goal-oriented projects” of the Priority Axis 1 “Research and development of modern technologies” and Measure 4.1 “Support for implementation of results of R&D works” of the Priority Axis 4 “Investments in innovative undertakings” of the Operational Programme Innovative Economy (OP IE) for the years 2007-2013.


Support from the UE


Calibration loop parameters

  • Pressure range:
  • up to 5,5 MPa
  • Volume flow:
  • up to 4000 m3/h in closed loop (depends on the pressure drop),
  • up to 6500 m3/h in open loop.
  • Temperature conditions in closed loop mode:
  • ambient temperature in the test hall from +16°C to +24°C, temperature stability ±0.2°C/min
  • gas temperature stability in calibration loop ±0.1°C/min
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