The Gas Meter Calibration Laboratory performs calibrations using high-quality equipment and measuring devices. To ensure measuring coherency with the the harmonized European gas cubic meter for natural gas, LWG’s reference standards (SM-RI-X and IRPP gas meters) are periodically compared to the standards of the laboratory being a member of the EUREGA Consortium (EUropean REference for GAs metering). These calibrations are performed at different pressures and with increased precision.

Blower inspection - LWG

Working Standards

The following are used as the LWG’s working standards:

  • 4 SM-RI-2 turbine gas meters (G1000);
  • 1 Instromet rotary piston prover (IRPP) (G250);

Measuring equipment

The LWG uses high-quality transducers with increased accuracy to measure pressure, differential pressure and temperature.

For the calibration, the LWG uses the following measuring equipment:

  • CBP5000 deadweight and piston pressure gauges characterised by uncertainty of measurement up to 0.008% of reading;
  • CBP5600 deadweight and piston pressure gauge characterised by uncertainty of measurement up to 0.008% of reading;
  • 9171 calibration furnace with Pt100 reference sensor (model 5609). The device ensures temperature stability during calibration at ±0.005 °C;

Gas Meter Calibration


During the gas meter calibration process, the Danalyzer 700 process chromatograph, which determines the composition of natural gas, is also used. The technological part of the measurement station has been optimised to minimise pressure losses and gas temperature changes to ensure the best possible stability of individual parameters during the calibration process.


Working standards lines - LWG

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